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Our chimney sweep service is $109, but we currently have a $99 promotional price.

We provide a free inspection on your fireplace and chimney to determine the condition of all the parts of your chimney system for potential damage or hazards and recommend repairs for safety and optimal performance.


Why is it important?


It'’s extremely important to ensure your fireplace is safe as possible . According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), you need to get a chimney sweep and inspection at least once a year. This varies depending on the particular use you give to your chimney, so sometimes a chimney sweep is needed more than once a year. A chimney sweep is a reliable way to prevent a chimney fire. A clean chimney also means a more effective heating system at home. With better ventilation, you need less fuel to have a warm and safe chimney fire.



Our Dryer Vent Cleaning is $99, but we are currently offering a promotion for $79. This covers approximately 10 feet. However, our technician will inspect your dryer vent and assess if it is blocked longer than 10 feet. He will then give you an estimate accordingly.

Why its important:

Keeping your dryer vents clean is important for several reasons, which include not only energy savings, but safety.
A dryer works by pushing out hot, moist air so that your clothes can dry. If your dryer vent on the outside becomes blocked by lint, the air will not be able to expel moisture as it was designed to do. The result will be trapped moisture that takes more heat
energy to evaporate.

Some reasons a dryer vent is important:


  • Safety 

  • Low efficiency

  • A clean dryer vent means a longer life for your dryer

  • Less maintenance

  • Getting rid of things hazardous to your health (mold, dander, dust, bacteria, viruses)

Any time is a great time of year to make sure your dryer vent and chimney is in perfect working order. Dryer Vent and Chimney sweeping is something that should be done on a yearly basis. 

Having a clean dryer vent and chimney is as important as having clear gutters, a stable roof, and level foundation.


Contact us today to schedule your dryer vent/chimney sweep service and keep your home safe!

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