JMG Realty, Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia

Wind Tree Apartment: Compete Exterior Carpentry and Staircases in Midland, Texas

Fairways of Bent Tree: Complete Exterior Carpentry and Painting in Dallas, Texas

The Clarendon: Complete Exterior Carpentry and Painting in Irving, Texas

Wood Chase Apartments: Complete Exterior Carpentry and Painting in Irving, Texas

Amalfi Apartments: Exterior Carpentry, Painting, Siding, Gutters

The Omni Group

Dallas, Texas

Avalon Apartments: Complete Exterior Carpentry in Arlington, TX

Americana Apartments: Complete Foundation Repair on 15 Buildings in Greenville, TX

Rock Island: Exterior Carpentry and Exterior Paint Complete Irving, TX 2016

Villa Del Sol Apartments: Exterior Carpentry, Exterior Painting, Foundation Repair and Gutter/Down Spouts Dallas, TX 

La Jolla Terrace Apartments: Carpentry, Paint, Staircase Replacement and Foundation Repair.  Fort Worth, TX 2017

El Ranchito Apartments: Exterior Carpentry, Siding, Framing, Painting: Fort Worth, TX

Southcrest: Exterior Carpentry / Painting: Dallas TX

Red Oaks Apartments: Exterior Painting: Fort Worth, TX

Maxus Properties

Ashbrook: 250 Units Ankey, Idaho

Mount Caramel Villa: 220 Units Wichita, Kansas

The Park: 310 Units Joplin, Missouri

Torries Chase: 270 Units Olathe, Kansas

Wood of North Park: Houston, Texas

Fountainhead: 1802 Units Kansas City, Missouri

Park Place: 195 Units Minneapolis, Minnesota

SIMC Property Management

Dallas, Texas

Springfield Apartments: Foundation Repair Dallas, Texas 2016

Keller Crossing: Foundation Repair Dallas, Texas 2016

Huntington Cove Apartments: Foundation Repair Farmers Branch, Texas

Westward Realty Group

Dallas, Texas

Windree Apartments: Exterior Stucco Residing/Replacement Dallas, Texas

Multifamily Property Group

San Jose, California

Crestwood Apartments: Pier & Beam Foundation Repair Fort Worth, Texas 2017

Crestwood Apartments: Exterior Carpentry Replace/Repair 2017

Crestwood Apartments: Complete Window Replacement 200 Windows


Myan Management Group

Southlake, Texas

Waterdance Apartments: Foundation Repair Arlington, Texas

Holliday Builders

Springfield at Ballpark Way: Exterior Carpentry, Metal Work & Paint Arlington, Texas 2009

Westport on the River: Carpentry and Paint Tulsa, Oklahoma 2008

First Worthing Company


Plumtree/Peartree: 450 Units Arlington, Texas

Arbors of Central Park: 270 Units Bedford, Texas

Kingsley Court: 250 Units Dallas, Texas

Brook Stone: 270 Units Irving, Texas

Northing Square: 1,000 Units Complete Rehab Tampa, Florida

Bristol Properties

Blue Lake Villas: Carpentry & Paint Waxahachie, Texas 2010

                                                    DK Painting & Construction

Rice Hotel (30 Story High-rise): Exterior Repair & Paint Houston, Texas

 Beall Business Services

Dallas, Texas

Prestonwood Condominiums: Exterior Carpentry Replacement and Parking Lot in Dallas, Texas 2017

Flagship PDG

Motel 6: Interior & Exterior Renovations $120,000 Houston, Texas 2012

Contact: Carl Eaton

Gyler First Texas Real Estate Investments

Contacts: Howard Gyler and Zack Gyler

Lane Management

Providence Place: Metal Work, Stair Rails & Carport $20,000 Denton, Texas

Contact: Joe Benton

Weidner Investment Services

Contact: Dan L. Barrett

Fairgreen Apartments: Roofing, Handrails, Balconies & Stucco Odessa, Texas 2007

University Gardens: Vinyl Siding Odessa, Texas 2007


Nantuket Apartments: Exterior Painting: Dallas, TX

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