Professional Roofing Service

Roofing Renovations

FS Renovations offers a full range of roofing services for any types of properties ranging from commercial to multi-family.  Our team of roofing experts will help you detect and resolve all of your roofing needs.  We will help you find affordable solutions to siding repair, new installations and soffit repairs.  Thanks to our decades of experience and contacts in the field, we can help you find the best solution to fit your needs.

Roofing Services

  • Architectural & Composition Shingles
  • Clay Tile work
  • Concrete Tile work
  • Energy Efficient Single-Ply Systems
  • R Panels
  • Restoration/Top Coats
  • Roofing Repair & Maintenance
  • Standing Seam
  • Soffit

FS Renovations Commitment

All roofs require periodic checkups and maintenance to deliver its full lifespan, thus ensuring you get your full value.  FS Renovations covers all aspects of roofing projects, from initial installation to repairs and maintenance.  We use the highest quality roofing materials to ensure your roof is waterproofed and heat resistant.  All of our roofing projects are done with compliance to all safety and quality regulations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Tell FS Renovations your exact needs!

FS Renovations will be able to turn any property around, no matter what interior or exterior renovation needs you have, our specialists can help you figure out an efficient and cost-effective solution based on your needs.

To learn more about how we can help, you can email us at or call us at (972) 247-7700 / (972) 247-7705.

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