Disaster Restorations

Restoration Services

FS Renovations has decades of comprehensive experience in restoration services.  We are committed to assist our clients when they incur property damage from any disaster.  With your consent, we will coordinate directly with the insurance provider to obtain a timely and fitting settlement.  We understand that no one knows when a disaster will hit and regardless of the restoration needed we have you covered throughout the entire process.

Our Restoration Services Include:

  • Claim Execution and Negotiation
  • Complete Roofing Services
  • Pre-Acquisition Inspections
  • Pre-Disposition Inspections
  • Reconstruction of Damaged Property

Our Disaster Restoration Services

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

FS Renovations provides extensive fire damage restoration services.  We will make sure the property is professionally restored and take care of all aspects of the renovation process.  We will surpass your expectations with our exterior restoration services such as painting and carpentry, all on time and on budget.

Wind Damage Restoration

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes may hit at any time to any property.  Our team of experts at FS Renovations will provide their decades of experience to restore  your property to be structurally safe and sound according to all codes and regulations.

Water Damage Restoration

FS Renovations has extensive experience in all aspects of water damage restoration from removing standing water, checking for mold and structural damage and getting rid of any residue or smell.

Tell FS Renovations your exact needs!

FS Renovations will be able to turn any property around, no matter what interior or exterior renovation needs you have, our specialists can help you figure out an efficient and cost-effective solution based on your needs.

To learn more about how we can help you, you can email us at info@dfwrenovations.com or call us at (972) 247-7700 / (972) 247-7705.

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