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If you are new to commercial construction and building renovations, you might need to select a renovation contractor.  This can be a challenging task if you aren’t familiar with any commercial renovation contractors. You can rely on the recommendations of others, and of course, you’ll need to conduct your own due diligence as well.  

FS Renovations commercial contractor

This includes:

  • Bids - Invite several renovations contractors to bid on your project.  Obtain a bid package from each containing the plans, costs and timelines for the projects. One way to judge a bid is by its level of detail, the more detail, the better.  We offer detailed written quotes with no obligation or costs when bidding on your projects.

  • Communication - It’s a great idea to hire a commercial renovation contractor that you trust.  One key factor in selecting a contractor is their communication style to see if it matches with yours.  This means the frequency and type of communication.  For example, maybe you prefer weekly written updates to phone calls once a week. Just tell us how often and what your preferred type of communication is and we’ll do the rest.

  • Experience - Does your project include specialized or unusual details? For sure, commercial renovation contractors with applicable experience is a valuable asset and worth paying a premium for. Therefore, we welcome you to verify our experience by following up with some of the principals on previous deals. We are proud of our work and stand behind everything we do with 100% satisfaction guaranteed on materials and workmanship.

We offer cost-effective solutions, clear timelines, and most importantly, high quality materials combined with amazing workmanship. To learn more about how we can help with your commercial construction and building renovation projects, email us at, or call us at (972)247-7700.

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